Saturday, November 13, 2010

My New PS3 Slim..

After my ps3 40 GB got the YLOD, I was wondering if I should do a reflow or send it to Sony, since if I attempted a reflow, Sony wouldn’t take it back for repair if anything went wrong & the Reflow isn’t a permanent fix either so I decided against it.

I contacted Sony, who told me that they can’t fix the issue and that they would give me a new ps3 Slim @ 50% discount in exchange of my bricked 40GB PS3 which was out of warranty. I was a bit surprised when I heard I’d get a new one since in the US they’d send you a refurbished ps3 for 100$ with a 3 month warranty, and here Sony India is offering a brand new ps3 160GB slim with a sealed box and 1 year warranty.

After confirming that it would definitely be a new ps3 slim and not refurbished I sent my YLOD Ps3 to the Sony India Service center (@Andheri, Mumbai) and within a week I got a call from them to come collect my new ps3 slim 160GB. I was very impressed with Sony’s after sales and the way they handled the issue, I would definitely recommend  going to Sony to replace the YLOD’d PS3 than going for the reflow process or third party service centers.

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