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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My New PS3 Slim..

After my ps3 40 GB got the YLOD, I was wondering if I should do a reflow or send it to Sony, since if I attempted a reflow, Sony wouldn’t take it back for repair if anything went wrong & the Reflow isn’t a permanent fix either so I decided against it.

I contacted Sony, who told me that they can’t fix the issue and that they would give me a new ps3 Slim @ 50% discount in exchange of my bricked 40GB PS3 which was out of warranty. I was a bit surprised when I heard I’d get a new one since in the US they’d send you a refurbished ps3 for 100$ with a 3 month warranty, and here Sony India is offering a brand new ps3 160GB slim with a sealed box and 1 year warranty.

After confirming that it would definitely be a new ps3 slim and not refurbished I sent my YLOD Ps3 to the Sony India Service center (@Andheri, Mumbai) and within a week I got a call from them to come collect my new ps3 slim 160GB. I was very impressed with Sony’s after sales and the way they handled the issue, I would definitely recommend  going to Sony to replace the YLOD’d PS3 than going for the reflow process or third party service centers.

Got YLOD!!!

A couple of months ago my 20 month old PS3 40 GB died on me with a YLOD (Yellow Light of Death). and I didn’t have an extended warranty either! 

For those unfamiliar with the YLOD issue,  it mostly occurs when the Motherboard/CPU/GPU  warps (possibly due to excessive heating) leaving CPU/GPU with insufficient contact with the motherboard also possibly due to a simple thermal paste issue, this can be temporarily fixed with a “Reflow” a process where heat is forced on the CPU/GPU with a Heat Gun to make it get back into full contact with the Motherboard after using a thermal compound on the chip.  

This mostly seems to occur on the older ps3’s after about 1-1.5 years, and apparently cant be permanently fixed, I think it has something to do with manufactures unable to use lead solder irons. So a reflow can only be a temporary fix if at all, and that should last for about 3-6 months depending on how much it is used.
You’ll know when you’ve been YLOD’d when you try to power on your ps3 and u see a yellow light just before the system goes back off flashing red, this is similar to the RROD(Red Ring of Death) issue on the Xbox 360.
More on how I got a PS3 again after the break…

Friday, November 12, 2010

Here's presenting to you... the typical android, iphone, & blackberry user :)

Hope this made you smile as much as I did!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

PSP Phone(y) launched...

Looks like Sony's been beaten by to the launch of the much awaited PSP Phone. The Unmei Q5's [a.k.a PSP Phone(y)] comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, front and rear cameras, dual SIM card slots, an NES emulator, 3.5mm audio jack, and a mini-USB port -- all crammed into the shell of a PSP Go like appearance. Available in black or white, for less than Rs.3k. if you could ship one from China. (where else would you expect to find one).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unboxing: the HTC Desire

Welcome to Technogravy! I write the second half of this blog, with less technical language than Dwayne would give you, thus making Dwayne the guru!

Anyhow, coming back to the un-boxing and my first blog post here:

Here is our first unboxing video of the much loved android phone - HTC Desire. (hallelujah!!)
For those of you who are wondering what an android phone is? Here is the definition of android for dummies: Android is the operating systems of most of the new phones developed by Google, what the phone world is moving too. Its the coolest operating system present right now.

And that operating system is in a phone - the phone I would like to introduce to you as the HTC Desire! Watch me unbox it here:

Hope you enjoyed watching that. The camera aint the clearest but it worked well enough for me to show you in the unboxing video like I needed to.

Thanks for watching!