Sunday, July 24, 2011

My first Android - the Google Nexus S

Its been a week since I got my first Android device - the Samsung Google Nexus S (Thanks to Nats for the early Birthday present), and I'm entirely loving the phone. The clean Google experience is just how Android is meant to be, and the ability to customize any and everything on the phone is simply amazing.

Coming from a Nokia E71 this device is quite a step up in terms of usability and features, this is truly worth the upgrade in every possible way and in my opinion the Google Nexus S is the best Android device considering the Price to Value ratio. At just under Rs.20k, this is definitely the Android device to beat.

From my early experience with the device (1 week thus far). the only con I could come up with is the battery life, and the only reason its a con is since I'm coming from a Nokia E71, that said the battery life still seams to be better compared to other Android devices out there, The other thing i noticed the phone is that with alot of activity the phone requires a restart or a flush of the ram every couple of days, or you start to notice occasional stutter, especially if you use alot of home screen widgets.

In terms of Pro's, I think value for money is right up there, along with clean android (i.e. no touch wiz, sense, blur, timescape and what not) experience. Apart from HTC Sense, i dont think any manufacturer has reason to be proud of their "Android Skin", and for those of you who feel getting a Nexus S misses out on some of the cool widgets that Sense offers, Try a custom launcher with some cool scrollable widgets, you'll find loads of them on the Android Market.

Its hard to imagine how much better a device could get (but thats what I said 3 years ago when i got my E71), few reviews say it should have a dual core chip, what for I ask? what can you do with the dual core that this cant apart from the full HD recording. I dont think the dual cores have enough use as yet and it doesn't make sense buying a Galaxy S2 when the applications to take advantage of the dual core power are still yet to come.

Well this device is only available in the SLCD form in India officially, and that's what I got. Personally i quite like LCD which is quite bright and the blacks are quite decent, may be a little more heavy on the battery but not enough to have me worried. For those of you wondering about getting cases for the i9023 version of the Nexus S, since its a bit thicker than the i9020, try out the Momax ones. I got a Momax case for a about Rs. 200, in Irla, Mumbai, It wasnt a perfect fit at first but a week later, it seems to have stretched to fit perfectly. Will post some pics shortly.

Look out for a review in the coming weeks, since i think its a bit early to put a detailed user review at the moment. But the early impressions are extremely positive, with it more than exceeding my expectations from my first Android device.

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